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March 22, 2019
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Increasing Benefits of Real Estate Investment in India

According to RBI rules and regulations, NRIs are allowed to purchase two types of property and land investment in India: Commercial and Residential. After you have […]
October 3, 2018
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Which property is best for Rental income: Residential or Commercial?

People often do not realise the difference between residential and commercial properties, while making an investment for renting property in India. The leasing businesses in the […]
July 23, 2018
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Deed of Sale: Everything You Need to Know

The Deed of sale is an essential document that has complete detailed information about the transfer of ownership of property. It is one of the legal […]
August 18, 2017

Strategies to Create a Successful Property Investment

“Not every Property Investment is good, and not every property is a good investment for you. What may be a good property investment for me might […]
June 8, 2017

How Property Investment in India is a Better Option for NRIs

  While it is almost always a good time for NRIs to do property invesment in the country, there are fluctuations and temporary drops in real […]