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Criminal Cases against NRIs

Criminal Cases against NRIs

Criminal Cases against NRI arise due to fake bodies of evidence recorded to keep them from going to India to manage their properties. In their unfortunate weakness, criminal procedures were started against them and after some time for not joining the examinations and trial are affirmed communicated guilty parties.

A large number of NRIs face issue as a result of false criminal cases started against them. A significant portion of these charges is either unfounded or ridiculous. To top it all NRIs must be fearful of coming to India accused of such fraudulent charges. More often than not, relatives, friends or others start such activity against NRIs basically to keep them from coming to India. The thought process is to grab their property or maintain illegal occupancy.


Overseas citizens are faced with the following issues –

  • Fear of being arrested or their passports being appropriated.
  • The anxiety that they would never be allowed to leave the nation.
  • The subsequent loss of their properties here.
  • Many who have been announced declared proclaimed offenders (PO’s) and are not ready to get reliable attorneys for representation to deal with their criminal cases have to languish outside the borders of the country.
  • Such victimised NRIs simply keep waiting for a chance to return and claim their inheritance or legitimate shares to their lost properties.
  • Ironically, a maximum number of PO’s who keep on living in fear for quite a long time do not know that the cases against them might be resolved through representation in the court.
  • Such POs can now be effectively defended in the appropriate courts of law.
  • Several such individuals from different portions of the world have now been able to get rid of the stigma of being called PO’s and have gone on to successfully defend themselves to recover and restore their full rights.
  • On a general inquiry where a client is involved in a criminal case in any court in India, the initial step is to read and review the complete case file to take an informed decision on how to proceed further.

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If any NRI is caught in these circumstances, he ought not to delay in asking for legal assistance from the team of lawyers.  What every single such POs need is an understanding, efficient, competent legal expertise. This would help them in taking care of the whole legal scenario for overseas citizens.  Being one of the law firms in India, our lawyers solve all NRIs criminal cases and criminal litigation matter to suit the convenience of overseas citizens. In most situations, overseas citizens do not have the correct knowledge about procedures or formalities. Therefore they require sound legal advice to discover solutions, and that is something they are assured of when they approach the legal advisors.