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Land Record Search – Getting Your property documentation

Land Record Search – Getting Your property documentation


Almost all of the assets of overseas citizens in India own inherited property from ancestors, but most of the NRIs do not have each of the documents or latest documents of their land record.

It is a commonly observed that due to lack of knowledge of land record documents and lack of possession of the property, sometimes the relatives or friends transfer the property or sell the goods to another person even without the consent of the real owner. This is mainly done by adopting fraudulent means. NRIs, on the other hand, remain scrambling for property record documentation.

Without the right documentation, no claim is valid or can be made. In the case of fraudulent transfer, legal remedies under Indian Penal code. Civil laws are required to be made, and criminal action would have to be got registered.

We help NRIs to search their real estate, locate their property assets according to land records registered with the Indian government. Indeed for residential, commercial and urban the land record details are mostly not available online and have to be applied for and obtained manually. Therefore, our attorneys assist NRIs to locate their land record or properties for them who have no idea of or have certainly not marked. We get all the legal documents for the administration including all land records available.

A proper title search is mandatory which is done by legal experts and real estate evaluation report or land record as per current prices by experts is additionally got prepared.

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Detailed land record reports with all revenue documents are obtained which may contain following documents in respect of the title search:-

  • Description of the ownership
  • Calculation of total belongings
  • Calculation of size of shares of all the co-owners
  • Certified documents about the ownership
  • Documents about transfers if having been any
  • Documents about the possession of the land (Hardware of the land)
  • Current market value of the property
  • Advice on the next steps to be taken
  • Photographs and videos of the goods on special request