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June 2, 2017
June 21, 2017

How Property Investment in India is a Better Option for NRIs



While it is almost always a good time for NRIs to do property invesment in the country, there are fluctuations and temporary drops in real estate rates in cities, along with other factors that could fool enthusiastic investors in you, Especially if you are an NRI! Most Indians living abroad prefer to have one or more properties back home, and they constantly strive to get the best opportunity for the perfect home. If you are an NRI and are looking for affordable property, here is a useful list to simplify the process for you.

Advantages of buying property in India


Favorable long-term returns

The rising demand for real estate in Indian urban cities highlights the fact that the real estate market continues to grow at a phenomenal pace. If there is an 87% increase in property rates over the last decade, the real estate sector in the main cities, including residential, commercial, retail and hospitality verticals, is estimated to grow 30% over the next decade. decade. This implies a market size of the huge $ 180 billion approximately in 2020

Increased demand for Commercial Property Investment

If you have decided to do property investment in India to let it out for use as a rental property or office space, it will help you recognize that in the next five years, office space in commercially inclined cities is likely to occupy close Of 200 million square feet! Post the global economic crisis a few years ago, estate prices in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities have fallen by 35% to 40%. This is an excellent opportunity to invest in commercial estate market, and give it out on a commercial lease that would be long term and potentially profitable.


Various Options for Affordable Projects

There are about many new projects and properties with different costs and advantages available each in Mumbai and Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Chandigarh. Whether it is a residential paradise in one of the most important locations or space for business use right in the middle of a business park, the options are many. As an NRI, investing in these projects is a good option since returns can be obtained instantly when renting or renting the property.


Invest now for a better rate of growth and profit

better-growth-and-profit on property investment

Any property purchased will double its value over ten years, and if it is a rental property, it will also provide rental income making a win-win situation for you. For NRIs, similar to resident Indians, the income tax applicable to an LTCG(Long-Term-Capital-Gain) is lower. The STCG (Short-Term Capital Gain) is suitable when an estate is sold within three years of its acquisition, so it is advisable to wait until the mark of three years before the sale.



With the ratio of the rupee to some of the popular foreign currencies constantly being so high, and with minimal expected changes, it would be prudent to make hay while the sun shines, and do property investment in a leading city soon. Earning well in Kuwait or Bahraini Dinars, Dirhams, pounds, US dollars, CAD or Euros, related to all that the INR has depreciated by about 21%, an NRI can quite comfortably make an investment in property in India.


Choose the Space in a City

As an NRI, you can buy a private or business property in India. There are restrictions for an NRI when it comes to buying agriculture land, farm, ranch or farmhouse. But there are no restrictions on the commercial, residential or retail properties you can own in a metro city of India. You can choose from elegant villas to apartments or commercial properties in some of the best cities in the country.

Choosing the best deals and properties

The real estate exhibitions that are taking place in the main cities have facilitated access to both locals and NRIs for all insider information about developers and sellers, locations, variable rates, etc. We open our eyes a lot more here than we would learn through all the research on the web and in the news and there are also primarily focused law firms in India that only work for NRIs not only related to property investment but resolves all the issues faced regarding property by them in India

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