Learn How NRIs can Buy Property in India Without Travelling
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Learn How NRIs can Buy Property in India Without Travelling


 For those who are NRIs and can’t travel to buy property in India

There are a lot of hurdles and problems that you might have to face as an NRI investing in Real Estate in India. As an NRI planning to buy property in India but cannot travel to India personally to sign the contract? Worry not, some legal procedures allow you to register the land and property and close the complete property buying transaction without being physically present in your hometown or wherever you are planning to buy property in India.

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Points to remember when you plan to buy property in India

1) Choose the property well. Make sure that you are entirely aware of what you are buying.

Not being physically present is not a barrier to closing and registering your land and property deal but selecting a wrong property based on third-party opinion could be a disaster. Make sure that you are striking the appropriate deal.

2) Being an NRI, you can have the complete deal executed and the property registered on your behalf by anyone you choose.

  • Ensure that you choose a reliable, close person since you trust that person a lot. (S)He could be a friend or family member or colleague also.
  • All you need to give that chosen person is a Power of Attorney to transact on your behalf.

3) Execute a Special Power of Attorney (POA) in favor of your chosen person. This person will be signing the agreements or deals and other documents on your behalf.

  • A power of attorney has to be signed in the presence of the consulate-officer of the Indian Embassy of the local city and country where you have resided.
  • Affixing a photograph and your left thumb impression with your name signature is necessary.
  • After that, you can send this POA to India, where it has to be adjudicated.
  • After the adjudication process, the Power of attorney is ready for use in India for purchasing any land and property.
  • Remember to make a transaction specific POA which becomes redundant after that appropriate transaction is complete. Never forget to mention the full property details. A general POA is a very open-ended document, and you should avoid empowering someone to that level unless it is necessary and you can trust the chosen person completely!

4) Payments for acquisition of the property have to be made from your NRE account which reflects the remittance made by you from abroad. Keep the entire transaction above board.

5) Ask the POA holder to make a record of all the documents that you receive during the whole transaction cycle from the property builder, the financial institution if any and the registrar and courier it to you. When you can, send out an email to the real estate developer to keep your rapport up and be informed of any problems or glitches in the transaction and paperwork.

It is advised that before you plan to buy a property in India take a legal advice from a law firm or property lawyer who provide the specialized services for NRIs.

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