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Property Title Search in India for Non-Resident Indian (NRIs)

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Process of Property title search in India

A property title search is a process of collecting all documents to trace the history of the property to determine who has been an owner, who the property has got transferred from owner to owner and to determine all applicable interests in property.

When an NRI is to purchase a property, title search is conducted to determine:

  • whether seller has valid ownership in law,
  • whether he alone can sell that property,
  • whether or not all regulatory dues and taxes are clear,
  • whether there is any claim on property,
  • whether there is any history of litigation in regard to that property.

The documents which are studied covers khasra girdawary, jamabandi, registered sale deeds, CLU, history of seller or builder etc.

Securing your property in India

Several of our lawyers are empanelled with banks which get title searches conducted through lawyers on a daily basis to give secured loans to individuals, corporates and institutions. Because of our experience in the handling the nuances of title search, we are fully equipped to assist NRI in safely acquiring, selling and maintaining the property.

How a title search is conducted: –

1. Information collection – Property papers are collected from the client, or if the client does not have them, from revenue and municipal authorities. This a major part of the title search and lays the foundation of the perfect property title search.

2. Comparisons – If the client has provided documents, we compare them with official land records.

3. Spot Surveys – Spot surveys are conducted to assure possession. We also ascertain in title search as to whether the land is a possession of real owners, illegal encroachers, leased with banks etc. We ask neighbours about possession, inform them about ownership and possession.

4. No Dues – Many times, the property is subject to government and other charges. We determine the correct figure and then update our clients.