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December 17, 2019
legal heir certificate, nrihelpinfo

Understand the process of obtaining a legal heir certificate in India

Family laws are ruled as per the religion followed by a person in India. Under the Hindu family laws, one of the prime causes of legal […]
May 16, 2018
Last Will and Testament, vakeelno1

What Happens if You Die Without a Last Will and Testament?

A Last Will and Testament allows you to control what happens to your property after your death. Using this Will document, you can specify your assets, […]
May 7, 2018
Writing a Will, vakeelno1

Avoid These Mistakes while Writing A Will

Where there is a will, there is usually someone ready to contest it. Where there’s is none, someone is ready to fight over the inheritance anyway. […]
March 9, 2018
Inheriting property

Inheriting property by NRI in India

Inheriting property located in India, by non-resident Indians can sometimes be a complicated task to handle, particularly for those persons who have been living away from […]
February 19, 2018
shared ownership of property, vakeelno1

Understanding Daughters’ Right to Shared Ownership of Property

Coparcenary refers to an equal inheritance or shared ownership of property that was restricted only to male members of the Hindu Undivided Family(HUF). It is a […]